Composition skills deserve every photo Division spend effort to understand and grasp. Learning composition having to buy any expensive things, and no doubt can greatly advance your photo works. Some people are born with “camera eye”, but for most people, you need to spend time with pleasure train itself as Visual skills and abilities of photo analysts. Here are some skills can perhaps you think a photo composition, financing.

  1. don’t seek happiness

Understand there is no “perfect” composition is very nervous. As a subjective art, you permanently unable to reach a successful level. Still photo composition was the pros and cons to distinguish. A photo of the composition a lot need to think, below we will explain them one by one.

Photo by Snow PeakPhoto by Snow Peak

  2. easy

In composition necessary to think about photos is the one of the important topic of how each element in the interface between stakeholders, to determine what to eat the screen, which you want to clean up. Many people are prone to making errors is implemented so the meaning of all these things are intake screen. But some of the most elegant of photos is very simple.

Photo by Ewan MacNeilage

  3. the third rule

Maximum composition rules one third of the rules. This has become the amateur and professional photography Division of the most common things. The gist is to photos in water temperature and in a vertical direction respectively is divided into 3, 9-lines and their intersection points are in key positions. Three-point rule was brief but effective rule. In landscape photographs, for example, you can place the horizon horizontal composition of the following on one line. Portrait photograph, you can let the eye is in a vertical composition on one line.

Photo by Agnihot

  4. the landscape composition

Scenery picture composition ability is the most fundamental one. Elegant landscape is created on the composition and layout of photos. Ask itself, what are you most looking forward to show in this picture. Is the water? Is a mountain in the distance? Or a sunset or vision of stone? Which do you most want to exaggerate in this picture? Using three-point rule, assure photo rich layers, use vision photo growth levels and depth.

Photo by Simon Bray